Power – I don’t understand :-) 

To the world that’s moving so fast 
I have something to say that might be a bit harsh 

I want to say that ‘power’ is a made up word; blinds the eyes of a blood seeking sword

I want to tell you that humans were and are bundles of will 

To say I am right and he is wrong is then just a cheap, transient thrill 

I can thrive at your loss and survive at the fittest game 

While loosing the essence of the self it can and never will be the same 

We started off stark naked, we would leave the same way 

To then build empires with portraits, let me ask, is it worth the materialistic gain? 

If I were to build and if I were to rescue

Couldn’t I have done a better job by just letting you be you? 

I trust the heart that beats and pumps the blood 

Mine is red, I know yours is too

If I am, then are you, and many a times, I am dependent on you 

My redness hasn’t decreased in time, I am sure yours too has followed the same gene pool and blood line

So why do I have to prove or disprove my being to you? I exist and so do you.

Since when has power backed by money come to decide that I lead and you follow? 

I admit that I did collect a bit more than I could swallow

The rest I spent on building bridges, buying materials and making weapons,

I wanted to protect my self from my own breed of men 

Why do I need protection? Did I ever ask? 

If I were to let you love me and love you back, would we still break our faith and trust?

While I did this, you did that,

Who am I to judge your perceived notion of fact?

What I was born with, you too were, 

All we ever had was an entire universe 

The sun’s never changed it’s course for you or me, 

It’s always been further out and never in our vicinity

We drew it close because we had the same needs 

Then doubts, desires overtook and it became a fallacy! 

When do I or you then blame the sun or the universe for our miseries? 

We have and will always keep what we genuinely owned far away from our self perceived ideas of humanity

I have my share of the daily bread, I work on keeping me alive

Why would I judge you for you too can have an identical stride?

I can and so can you, 

So then, where is the manmade power holding us through? 

I don’t want to lead you and neither do I want to follow 

I want to be me and I want you to be you. 

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