Vain me ..

Vanity shines at odd hours Gucci’s, Prada’s and Armani couture

Did I think what a waste of time and money that was?

When all I could do was be absorbed and focussed on my wardrobe. 

It never occurred to me that life could be any different 

I wanted it all and I wanted more, nothing less!

I wanted to look the part and I wanted to play the fool 

I indulged in the idea that said ‘oh! Wow you’re so cool!’ 

I stuck to my plan and vanity increased manifolds, eventually making me sick of my own soul 

Years went by and when the flashlights withdrew

I lay in my bed while thinking of my wardrobe rescue 

Did those expensive shoes connect to my soul in my body? Or did that Armani dress praise me still from that party?

Was I still irreplaceable in my style, as I had thought I would be? Or did I lose my sanity? 

I had held my brand loyalties in bright lights 

I had held them even tightly during their shifting stride 

Why did I find so hard to recognise them today? 

Perhaps the lights have died that brought them to my world on one bright summer day! 

What’s then this attachment with my wardrobe has to do with my very being? 

The most honest answer is ‘nothing’. 


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