Lill forgotten lessons of life .. 

this poem is from my school book of class 7. Now back then, I don’t remember what my answer was for the last question on ‘moral of the poem’ but today when I was looking to read ‘Lochinvar’ and ended up on this, I feel like asking, when all that is ever taught to each of us is ‘to love’ then why do we tend to add judgements to it, colour it with our selfish interests? Why?! 
A mind in class 7 isn’t that rigid not to follow and absorb the virtues that are being taught, then, what goes so wrong? Or maybe we, humans, are so super smart that we are clear about the distinction of school books to life’s lessons and forget more often than not, that classroom education isn’t about marks and job, it is about building the minds that could potentially think beyond or maybe I am just in my (T) zone of super madness 😆😆😆


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