(T) note..

The ones you place your trust in, will often break it. The ones you once love sincerely, will often deceive you. The ones you hold close to your heart, will often walk away without apologies. And the list of your own suffering keeps growing! He did that to me in spite of what I did for him and she said this despite all this. How could she and how could he? And so on … The misery and mystery grows exponentially 🙂 

Through my time in this very world, I have come to understand that it is not about how and why people do what they do. If you choose to suffer, you will suffer for sure. You will suffer through people, through things, through everything that you can possibly think of 🙂 
Individuals apart from you are not meant to be placeholders for any of your emotions or feelings. You place your trust, you place your feelings, you draw your strength and so on from your friends, family and so on .. Why? 🙂 These bunch of individuals are individuals at the end of it all and they are not meant to be your placeholders. 
If you really look to place your core from outside of you, you will always have a problem with individuals at all levels because no one can and will hold you the way you would hold your self or like to hold your self. I guess the only and best option then is to hold on to our each individual core selves and love the potential placeholders but then not place anything in them; they have their own selves too 🙂 🙂 
At the very end, love people for their core selves minus the feeling and need of them as your placeholders. 

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