And there I fall again :-) 

Enriched ideas. Paper planes. The road to Texas was never the same. I had it all planned. I knew I knew. It all went haywire the moment the sun withdrew. 

Night stood still with a big question mark. I had no answers and neither was I sharp. I was broke I knew that for sure. To believe on the road itself was my only hope. 

I gathered all that I have ever had and held close. I chose to be blind to the worldly chores. I started to walk and I fell down. Again and again I went in circles to rediscover the ground. I just couldn’t stand tall enough to hear any sound.  

The fall seemed inevitable now. The rise was a distant dream. Percolated through the holes of a made up river stream. I had it all and I had none. Caught up in mysteries was my only fun. It wasn’t puzzling and it wasn’t dreadful, rather it was all very beautiful. 

As I lay on the ground gathering dust, I could see through the broken particles of the earth. What I saw and where I fell, I can’t tell for sure. But I do know that the road to Texas will never be the same again! 

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