The wind was hard .. 

The wind was hard, her feet were slow.. Beyond the ocean, as far as eyes could see, the dust was low. It didn’t matter whether she were clad in saffron or white. It didn’t matter whether she could hear the music or no.. 

She danced and danced for she knew not what else to do.. She felt she had to survive even if the knee was getting weaker to go.. A chance in life, a chance in death, nothing could be stopped inadvertently again! 

The bells broke and so did her learnt rhythm.. She borrowed the wind’s hard hitting sound beyond imagination.. She was mad, she was busy.. She hadn’t seen the levels to which she could be pushy.. 

She let her body draw the shapes.. She entangled herself in them, embraced them with grace .. She didn’t miss a beat, she didn’t lose sight .. She did everything that she felt was right.. 

On that very day, her life was to change.. The wind was hard and her feet slow .. She didn’t give up until the final show .. 

The wind slowed down as did she.. In a heartbeat they united till eternity! 

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