Shoelace .. 

I’m a shoelace, long and thick.. 

Holding up universal shoes together, makes me sick .. 

I outgrew the shoe that I came with .. 

Have been looking to hold up since .. 

My pointed beginnings have begun to shred .. 

The plastic’s come off and I am all naked .. 

It takes time off late to fit into the shoe holes .. 

Twists, turns and pulls, with some of me below the sole .. 

I can barely manage to hold it all together .. 

Muddy roads and dark streets .. 

Rain and snow and earthy creeks .. 

I travel with the shoe that I pass holes through .. 

My own texture is barely of any value .. 

I am a shoelace, long and thick .. 

I have travelled through time but I couldn’t remain sleek .. 

I unwrapped and so did my own threads .. 

Long since I craved for a single piece of my own bread .. 

I stayed at doors, I went through washing machines .. 

I bore the grind, the pain and the suffering .. 

Some complained I was tight and some said I was loose .. 

I was knotted twice, thrice and many folds.. 

But my own break points couldn’t be sold.. 

I could never be as clean and spot on .. 

As the day I came in the box with my own shoe on! 


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