The day I said ..

The day I said I won’t come in to work 

Little did I know that the world was going to shake and sit up 

I said I don’t really know what I want to do 

I need time out to figure things through 

Glances were exchanged and discussions happened 

All so sudden that I could barely fathom

Things and gestures changed the very next day 

I had to hand in everything and I had to pay 

I gathered my pieces and I gathered my notes 

I put them in a box and said ‘I’ll put you back together sometime soon’ 

‘Have you completely lost it?’ Some asked with a lot of conviction .. ‘What will you do next?’ Was their follow up question! 

I felt I didn’t want to speak on that very day, that very moment 

I stayed silent 

I didn’t have plans and I didn’t have paper 

I took the suitcase out and I put my clothes in

I set out on a journey that even I couldn’t think 

Today as I look at the happy sun rising, I find my stillness that I have been looking!

As I pen this, I would like to reiterate, to find the self, loss is the only way. 

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