As the year ends .. 

2015’s been a year of mistakes, of travelling on deserted roads, taking the wrong turns, disobeying the set lane standards and a year full of thinking and believing the grand delusion that mankind needs a complete reinvention of the wheel.

2015’s also been a year of the humans for me. I met some real nice humans and some not so nice ones. Some were new in the face and some were new in their taste. Nevertheless, I successfully erased quite a few names from my list of humans per se. 

As 2015 comes to a close, a strange thought wraps itself around me. I feel as though I needed a bit more time with the days than what the year actually gave me. A part of me is glad that the year has finally come to an end. I can now wrap up and number my loose ends. I would certainly need my pile of unsorted and adulterated pieces from the year that’s closing; for life, is all about a new beginning. 

And at this point, I would pause, and wish each one of you a very happy Christmas and a super wonderful 2016!  

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