yet another ‘ban’ :-) 

so then! I have a story to share .. 
.. His movie does well in theatres across Kolkata, his movie gets nominations (not one or two! But 10) at Milan international film festival and his movie has an international audience .. So he has all the ‘fame’ and possibly from all the corners of the world that one can expect 🙂 He clearly didn’t have to choose an invite from the capital city over an international screening invite 🙂 
But the problem with some thoughtful and soulful filmmakers is that at times they want to discuss their work and get opinions from different sections of the population without realising that sometimes convenience sampling isn’t the best possible choice! 🙂 🙂 🙂 
Now then! The filmmaker responds to an official invite! Goes down to the capital city and then in the middle of the screening, the officials stop the movie and ban the screening cos they say his movie type is against the “Bengali culture and moral values” .. People of the city, who went to see the movie protest but in vain 🙂 🙂 Officials make the last call and there you go .. An abrupt end 🙂 The movie gets a ban. 
No one and nothing in this world can ever give the filmmaker that day or that moment back – not even an apology from the officials but then hey! The officials hardly provided one! 🙂 cos they felt and believed (still do) that just as one has the right to choose to see whatever one wants to see! They have the right to choose to show whatever they want to show or screen in their auditorium. 
The question still remains unanswered – why invite then in the first place?!! 🙂 
They have an answer too .. Which goes like this .. The filmmaker did all this to gain publicity and it’s his claim to fame! 🙂 🙂 🙂 
Super awesome right?! 
A filmmaker had his fame the day he made his movie! He’s had his share of fame, media interactions, and everything! How would humiliation add to his fame?! 🙂 🙂 🙂 
They have an answer to this too .. Which goes like ‘negative publicity is good. People thrive on it. This controversy has led to more hits on his movie link on YouTube. People now want to watch it .. Even those that hadn’t heard of it before’.. 
How super exciting! 🙂 
A filmmaker had a plan at the back of his mind to get himself humiliated (roughly after 7 months of the film’s release?! 🙂 ) to earn an audience to a film that deals with women empowerment, spans across psychosocial dimensions?! And also a film that already has been in news early this year?! 🙂 .. Now this bit here is clearly humanly impossible cos hardly any human likes accumulating ‘humiliation’ and ‘hatred’ .. And to label it or even speculate it as a ‘plan’ is idiotic! 🙂 
I mean come on! People of the association in the capital city of India! What on earth are you talking about?!! 
As a lay member of planet earth, I got to know of your existence cos this movie was to be screened at your auditorium! You were just the mere facilitators of a film – maybe you had some hidden agenda to be in news so that a wider set of Bengalis even outside India start searching your names around to see who are these new people’s choice in cinema dictators?!! 🙂 
If I break down the complicated equation with constraints .. and restrict it to just this one equation “fame belongs to who at the end of this saga?!”
The answer is that the “fame” belongs to the Bengal association, New Delhi 🙂 🙂 cos come on! Honestly! I didn’t even knew you guys existed on planet earth until you decided to ban a well made movie that’s absolutely relevant in the age that we live in 🙂 🙂 🙂 
Beneath it all – I guess if you could ‘ban’ being Bengali on that Sunday and especially ‘ban’ the uptight morality and lifted up your souls to be human first, you could have seen the emotions that this particular movie, Bheetu, portrayed and wouldn’t have dared to drag it down to labels of “heavy on sex” and “abuse”.
Ah! I need to end the story too right?!! 🙂 
So the ‘convenience sampling’ on the filmmakers’ part resulted in a bag of ‘humiliation’, ‘hatred’, ‘false allegations’ and personal attacks 🙂 while ‘fame’ rested in peace with the people of the Bengal association, New Delhi 🙂 and somewhere I am sure ‘humanity’ did shed a few drops of tears – but who cares – ‘power’ ruled, yet again! 🙂

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