as unique as you .. 

Usually on my way to work, I read the world population number and I still can’t remember all the digits! 
About 7 billion or 7.3 billion approx .. is what I roughly remember. Now I am a part of that number too, right?! So if I go on to determine the probability of my existential importance given the world population – can you imagine what number I am gonna end up with?!! 🙂 
So then, when I sit in my home and feel pretty and write my opinions on Facebook or wherever – I am aware of the fact that it’s an insignificant cause that I am attaching to – cos at the end of it all – in the bigger and grand scheme of things – I am as powerless, powerful, significant, insignificant and whatever adjective you may wanna add, just like the rest of the population on planet earth! 
Hence, won’t it be a bit better if you and I actually start loving each other and share our stories rather than try to prove to each other how powerful and influential I am as compared to you?! 
If you can’t love me and I can’t love you and we can’t even share anything then let’s just exist.. Let’s just love the universe – cos perhaps you love the sunshine as much as I do or something similar! Or let’s just love our own selves! That’s simple right?! Minus the need to provide a proof! 
Cos remember.. I am not special and neither are you .. And if I am special, so are you! .. If there’s any equality .. That’s just in the fact that we are all humans! 🙂 and that’s 7.3 billion of us, almost 🙂 
And a *hug* cos I need one! and maybe you too! 🙂

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