life .. 

and then everything that I was told I should be careful of I overlooked. Everything that was classified as ‘bad’ happened to me. I still survived through it all. I had my own dark damp days! I didn’t want to see the light. I hated everything and everyone around. I wanted to hide somewhere where no one could find me. I wanted to run away. And I did run for miles and miles until I was stopped by a stranger who said “look the sun’s right there” .. It was just a matter of time – just that one moment in time when I felt I owned myself completely. I was who I was not because of my achievements. I rather became who I am because of my failures. 
I still look up trying to spot him through the changing clouds! I still feel he’s watching me from up above! I still feel grateful for I can at least breathe in and out 🙂 
Life – at the end of all the battles and wars – can’t be that bad that I can’t be grateful for having my self with me besides everything! It can go round and round in circles and can have no vanishing point like many things but it is mine still 🙂

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