so called ‘life’ .. 

If I tell you my life fell apart 10 years ago and I have been collecting broken pieces since! Broken pieces of me! I find them everywhere.. On roads! In people! In books! On billboards! In shops! Everywhere! I collect them in a hope to be able to rebuild me. Would you still say that I live a life that you envy?!
Maybe I’ll never be able to build me! Maybe I’ll never be able to live again! Or maybe I will. I have felt like giving up time and again! And many times I have! I never offered explanations. I never offered apologies. I never said anything but walked out and moved back in my own miseries! Did I ever look back .. Strangely, I always did.  
At the end of it all, the question is very simple! Simpler than what I think of it and what you do! You have to breathe in and breathe out. My story also lies in between those breaths and it always will.. Broken, unnerving and even incomplete! Maybe it’ll settle in time with loads of dust particles on it .. Or maybe not.. But would you still say that you envy the life that I breathe in and out?! 
Maybe not. 

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