when tables turn ..

There used to be a book store in south extension in Delhi named Teksons. I am not sure if the store still exists! I have always had a strange affinity for books and pens. I love collecting both šŸ˜Š I don’t know why I am writing this today after years but I just thought of it šŸ˜Š 

So on one fine afternoon I went to Teksons and the guard said I can’t be allowed in as it’s their lunch time. As I was arguing with the guard on lunch hours not being specified on the door etc etc .. A small group of people came to the door and the guard let them in with a smile. I stood there staring at them. When they entered the store, the guard closed the door and said to me “come back after lunch”.. 

I asked him “you just let these people in! So why can’t I go in?!” His replied “they are special guests.” In those days, I just wouldn’t give up! So I argued back saying “what’s so special about them?! If it’s lunch – it’s lunch for everyone.” The guard didn’t let me in that day and I never went back to Teksons! Not that I didn’t want to go back – I just moved cities and then countries and then Teksons slipped out of my mind. 

Few weeks back I reached a book store in London and they were closing! The owner saw me and said “how are you?! Haven’t seen you in ages! Come on in.” .. I thought you were shutting down – I remarked. The owner said “yeah! It’s time to shut the shop but I will keep it open for customers like you. It’s rare to get customers like you who genuinely love books. So come on in.” 

I went in. Browsed through the latest books! My favourite authors! Chatted a bit about fiction and philosophy and walked out without buying any book. The owner, a middle aged man treated me to a cup of coffee!

I think now when I look back at life, look back at my life, I feel the tables have turned a bit – not necessarily because of the change of place or change of clothes or change of accent .. I think tables turn in life because of who you are deep within! And maybe when you love unconditionally, that love surely gets reciprocated in one way or the other.. Just need to be patient enough to wait for the tables to turn šŸ™‚

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