Do I remember?..

Do I remember the last time we spoke?
The words were half and the music low
Ever since that day, I haven’t been awake
Neither the quest nor the pricks with a shake
I wonder why am I here
to hear the motivated speeches of the dear
the cultivated cultural roots
have embedded themselves really deep
It’s hard to understand where can I sleep?
The pillows aren’t made of flowers anymore
I wonder who’s creating the mess or sore
I never wanted to see myself struggling
Hard it is, but my thoughts are creeping
Everything lies somewhere close by
I am simply unable to see why
I can’t be a part of the lovely colors
I can’t be a part of the worthy flowers
I wonder, have I made a big mistake in life?
to misunderstand the simplicity
while it was all right?
May be I have held the dreams too tightly
To let them go seems frightly
I have let myself believe in what I believed
May be I should have taken a step and seen
Seen that ‘I’ never existed
that ‘I’ was the reason for all the despair
the disaster that I brought to the worldly affairs
I have looked and found ‘I’ all the time
in the demons and Gods, I have searched ‘I’
I should be blamed for holding onto the structure
when nothing existed except the disaster ..

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