Be the size that matters!

A part of me gets really annoyed with the socially constructed idea of ‘beauty’. I have been to social gatherings where the first thing that I am often asked is “have you lost weight?” And then I am expected to spend an entire afternoon or evening with the same person discussing ‘beauty’ and ‘weight’ and ‘life’. 

Why is “have you lost weight?” an acceptable social statement? And if it is then why is “have you lost some of the gray matter of your brain” not such a popular social statement? Or “have you lost your soul?” not popular either? Are these not as important as “weight?” 🙂 A part of me feels that I would lose myself the day I lose my mind and soul. Body is so very transient! 

I am not in favour of being unfit and eating bad. Rather I am in favour of eating healthy and exercising but I do have problems with the mass attitude when body “size” is all that matters! I heard someone say one day “being size 8 makes me feel better” and I sat there thinking – I don’t understand. I understand that being fit can make you feel better irrespective of a number that you put to it but not this size 8! 

To me it seems like a data sorting exercise where especially women feel the need to arrange their body in an descending order with age.

Rather shouldn’t it be more like arranging your life in an ascending order given the knowledge that you accumulate over the years and given the experiences that you and your body have been through? And then eventually you would be a size bigger than today and bigger than yesterday and bigger than a year ago and so on .. Rather an “ascending” order of the body with age might be an honest representation of you. 

Moreover who says that a size 8 is a suitable size for a woman in her late 30s and a size 12 isn’t? Who says that a women if a woman can pull off a size 6 bikini in her late 40s with a flat tummy is beautiful than a woman who can’t? 

Ah well. I don’t think I would ever put a number to my body .. The wrinkles and the aging skin are enough to provide evidence to the life that I have lived on this very planet. I would surely say that use numbers but use them where it matters 🙂 

I think the day you can put a size to an aging soul – that day a number on the body could be justified too. A long way to go and that’s why I say be the size that matters not what’s socially forced to matter. 

2 thoughts on “Be the size that matters!”

  1. I love this so much. I find myself, everyday, constantly going back and forth in my mind about my jean and T-shirt sizes and I’m tired of feeling like I have to meet some sort of standard to be considered perfect. I feel way better about myself after reading this.

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