the two time mystery!

When I first went to Benaras, the Indian restaurant in London, I absolutely hated the food. I didn’t like the food at all. I thought it was too oily, too messy and tasteless. Opposite to the popular belief and perception, I remember coming back to work the next day and complaining about how bad the food is at such a reputed place. But I never gave a public feedback or reviewed it openly cos I think at several levels when I dislike something, it has a lot to do with me too so I take my own time to think through and evaluate things in my own little space. Well, yeah, I am slow!

Anyway, so last night when I was invited for dinner again at Benaras, I was very skeptical but like always I struggle to say ‘no’ and I ended up at Benaras. In the most intriguing and fascinating way, I loved the food. I loved the dishes and I loved my lassi. In short, I had a nice evening with great food.

On my way back I thought of why I didn’t like it the first time that I was there and then it took me back to most things in life including food and people and movies and books and literally everything and upon reflection I realised that I tend to develop a taste and get drawn into things eventually.. When I say ‘eventually’ for me it happens the second time round but not necessarily though, at times I have had several attempts at things before I literally dismissed it or accepted it completely.

I did say that I am slow but then is it actually me being slow or is it the fact that like most things in life, well like everything in life, it’s the power of perseverance and the ‘keep at it’ attitude that pays off? I don’t know.

I know that people have spoken about ‘pursuit’ of happyness (happiness with a Y) but then I believe it’s a pursuit of life encompassing your likes, dislikes and every tiny bit of your decision-making 🙂

So then, here’s to the energy that embraces the ‘pursuit’ in order to move through ‘life’ at every tiny step! 🙂 and of course to acquired tastes in life, of life!

Because I started with Benaras and my last night’s dinner, I would recommend Benaras to everyone. Please go and try the innovative dishes – I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. If you feel disheartened the first time – give it a second chance 🙂

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