Of love and relations and the truth that I have loved you so long .. 

I don’t particularly remember how I stumbled upon this french film “I’ve loved you so long” but I am glad I did. 

I cried. And cried. And cried. In the last scene with both the sisters – I cried too! And when the guy asked “hello! Is anyone home” .. I smiled with tears rolling down my cheek hoping that him and the protagonist would be together forever!:-)

For me this movie was more real than reality for those 115 odd minutes. 

I could identify myself with the younger sister. Her balancing act of home and work and relationships! Her unfailing faith in the fact that things would improve for better. Her emotional outbursts when in one scene she says to her students “what reality do writers know that you would want to believe in them?” .. The uncomfortable silence, the deep sense of belonging that she shares and feels for her sister was simply beautiful. 

Each character was like a missing piece of a puzzle and at the end of the movie you could see how they all, individually, weaved the story together:-) Reminded me of days when I used to knit regularly… How tiny strokes and tiny stitches got to a complete scarf!:-) Simply fascinating! 

The young kids of the sister were way too cute. The relationship between the husband and the aunt was dignified yet disturbed. It was lovely to see him develop his faith, trust and love towards the protagonist as the story unfolded. 

The sisterly time at the pool was one of my favourite moments of the film!:-) and there was this dinner scene where the protagonist was asked to tell everyone where she has been all these years and she smiled and spoke the truth and everyone laughed except her own family and the professor guy who I think was in love with her from the first day he saw her 🙂 

At times even when you tell the truth, people don’t usually believe you cos we all have a socially defined construct of “should be” rather than “could be”:-) The latter is more thought of in a negative way:-) And you know what I think – I think in all honesty, if “could be’s” were thought of as facts and believed as facts then there would be more tolerance around 🙂 

I’ve loved you so long made me aspire! Made me value relationships! Made me realise that ‘to stay in love with changing paradigms of truth’ is a real hardwork. At times the only one who you can trust is your ‘self’ .. and just like any other good movie, this one leaves you with a strong feeling that – your life, your journey, is so unique that expecting a world or social approval on your chosen path is tad foolish. 

Hang on, do I really think the killing of the little boy was justified? In isolation – I don’t have an answer to that but from the mother’s (protagonist) perspective – I could identify with the pain, the silence, the absence of any sane justification to what she did .. So do I think it was right then? I don’t know to be honest! Who knows what’s right anyway:-) All I know is this – she saved a life from suffering bad. 

For me, this movie had a strange impact in several ways! ‘Love’ minus judgement! ‘Live’ minus ‘pride’! And lastly ‘Breathe minus guilt’ 🙂 

If I were to sum up this movie in two words I would say “It’s beautiful” 🙂 

PS : I hope you stumble upon this movie too like I did and then get drawn into the sea of human emotions with stark contrasts 🙂 

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